PRC Partners unique co-investment model has worked out very well for me, even so, I was very skeptical at first about the small-cap market. Frank and his team have done a fantastic job. Thank you very much.

Dennis Matanovic, Private Investor, Köln, Germany

We Position Our Investors At The Right Time Into The Right Deals

What makes us unique is that we provide investors with prescient insights into exactly what will be happening in the market before it actually happens.

Canadian small and mid-cap companies often decide to offer private placements to raise additionally required funds. Frequently these private placements are structured as emissions of units comprised of common shares in combination with additional warrants.

This represents a very lucrative opportunity for investors, since warrants allow the purchase of additional shares at pre-set prices for a certain period of time.

PRC Partners offers these instruments only to its clients, enabling investors to gain additional profits once the actual share price exceeds the pre-set warrant price substantially.

Investors deciding to follow our
investments will find it reassuring to know that we also invest in all of the companies that we propose. We put our money where our mouth is. Thus the impetus to succeed is even greater. Furthermore, we act as consultants for the companies
we invest money into.

We play an active role in providing services in driving sales and revenue, business development, public relations, marketing, and media exposure.

We are the only partners you will need for lucrative and reassuringly consistent financial investments.

Four successful years of investing with PRC have had a tremendous impact on my net-worth and have surpassed all my expectations. Superb performance. They have gained my trust which is a hard thing to come by.

Maximillian Berenberg, Private Investor, Hong Kong


Some of our clients decide to offer convertible loans instead of private placements to avoid dilution at lower share prices. If you as an investor had participated in the last convertible loan offered by one of our clients, you would have received 10% annual interest-paid quarterly. Further, as the client offered a conversion option at a pre-set price, a USD 100,000 investment would be over USD 350,000 if you had converted the loan.



On the last private placement we offered to our  investors, the client set the placement price at 10 cents per share and with additional full warrants with an exercise price of 16 cents and valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Thus, if you had participated in the placement with USD 100,000, it would have turned into USD 600,000. Further, you would still have 100,000 warrants set at 16 cents for years to come.