The Art of Realising Potential

As a full-service consultancy, we advise and help small and mid-cap companies with exposure, restructuring, investment, branding strategies, sales, and digital marketing campaigns. We will help you turn your company into the perfect asset for your investors. We will also help to bring in the right shareholders by means of our advanced marketing strategies.

We excel at recognizing undervalued latent companies on the CSE, TSX, ASX or OMX and partner with them long-term. We become a part of each client’s company, helping them to improve everything there is to improve in order to make the company fundamentally attractive and presentable to investors.

Once we have taken a hands-on approach and primed your company, then we can commence with exposure. If necessary we will restructure your company and upgrade your brand. Our team will develop a strategic plan for long-term success and ensure that you are attractive to investors globally. The experts at PRC Partners determine relationships over time in order to arrive at possibilities – the prediction of potential success. It takes keen minds and decades of the right kind of experience to recognize and foresee a company’s true success. Turning that foresight into financial success is what we do best.

Meeting PRC Partners was a life changer for me and my family. On their advice I’ve turned $400k into over $2.5 million. I fully trust Frank and his superb team. They stayed with me offering support and advice whenever I needed it. I recommend PRC Partners wholeheartedly.

Tim Worthen, Private Investor, Vancouver


At PRC Partners we arrange long-term exposure, global marketing, partnerships and private placements. We build lasting relationships between clients and investors to achieve consistent financial growth. Our team is comprised of highly skilled strategists, financial experts, media specialists and marketing experts.


Our methods consistently succeed as we are selective in the clients we choose. We specialize primarily in companies listed on the CSE, TSX, ASX and OMX. All of our clients must first pass through a rigorous due-diligence process to ensure full commitment and market success.


Our efforts and synergies persistently yield considerable share-price gains across the fields of bio-tech, fin-tech and CBD technology. To complement that dynamism we have built up long-lasting relationships within our extensive network of retail and institutional investors. We know that quick promotions and traditional investor-relation agencies alone are not enough to increase and sustain market capitalization. Nor are they enough to secure your company with the required funding without going into unnecessary dilution.


Simply put, we are the best at what we do in our industry. Our unique methods in conjunction with our strong European investor base have resulted in consistent growth in share prices, stimulated enormous trading volumes, secured private placements and added millions of dollars in market-cap values.